You’ve found this 17612_553072684728905_1077351520_nby accident, referral, curiosity, or maybe this subject matter applies to you for the first time.

 This is place for me to dump my heart on the ground when I can’t do it in front of my family.  This is my playground to share my quirks and creativeness that has helped me  push through the crap cancer has been so kind to give me. This is a place that has  information in the form of my experiences that I want you to take with you and use.  Maybe you’ll better understand why your special someone does what they do when  you read me, or will have a better idea of what to expect when you start chemo.  Whatever it is you need, I hope you can find it here and take it with you to reflect on  how it applies to you.

 Sometimes you will laugh, at others cry. But, know this: I’m crying and laughing with you.

Let’s see what we can get into.

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